Brian R. Jackson

I'm a developer, engineer, idealist, hacker, husband, father, son.

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Collaborative Projects

A meetup group for developers in the Western CT. Site forked from and built in Node.js, Angular.js and MongoDB.

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WRML, pronounced like "Wormle", is an open source project focused on providing standards, frameworks, and tools that support the development of web-oriented, client-server applications.

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Tea is a mature typed template language that when used with the TeaServlet offer a very high-performance template based servlet.

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Personal Projects

A landing page for ranters with an inflated sense of entitlement.

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An Arduino-based robot you steer with a Wii nunchuck.

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X10 for Java

A library for connecting to X10 home automation devices from Java.

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A Google App Engine Example

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Find the moment when you'll be without someone longer than you were without them.

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Mapr API

A service API to aggregate the location of your friend's via various social networks that offer location information.

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Sonar Replay

A Java Utility for importing historical code quality reports into Sonar from your SCM.

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ESPN API Samples

A Padrino webapp that demonstrates sample usages of the public ESPN API.

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A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that brings support for the language Tea.

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Leap Motion for Google Maps

A Google Maps mashup that lets you use a Leap Motion to grab and pull it for pan and zoom interactions.

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GitHub Services

Added TeamCity service hook to GitHub.

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Added Tea language detection to GitHub's linguist.

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Added Tea syntax highlighting to Pygments.

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Maven SCM - Perforce

Added better error handling for the Maven Perforce SCM Provider.

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Added support for deploying deployment plan jars to Glassfish via this Maven plugin.

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Nexus Book and Docbkx

Added ePub output support to Sonatype books.

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